Golf Tees manufactured from Bamboo, economic, sustainable and durable

Our love of bamboo's huge natural environmental enhancing properties is drawing us more and more in to using bamboo for a variety of future products. This project is hoping to bring together environmental sustainability and charity support. We manufacture golf tees from bamboo; hardwaring, sustainable and biodegradeable. We sell the golf tees to golf pro shops and other outlets in prepacked and printed bags of 25 tees, supporting an agreed charity for a period of time. We donate 25% of the RRP per pack to that chosen charity.


The retailer still makes a sensible profit we still make a sensible profit, the golfer plays with a quality tee that is durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. The groundstaff at your course are happy that you are using degradable tees and charity wins, we all win.

Further details please ring 01635 865515