Magic Spiker are the Premier ice gripper in the UK so be careful where you buy yours from............

It is said that imitation is the strongest form of flattery. Our huge success with Magic Spikers as the best value ice gripper that does the job you want it to do unfortunately encourages people to copy, try and imitate, and basically just sell fakes.

Recently we have identified a number of eBay sellers, bricks and mortar 'distributors' and even approved Amazon sellers offering, what turns out to be, fake copies. This infringes the patent and gives unknowing customers a sub standard product that will not offer the quality of manufacture and components that gives our Magic Spikers the great reputation they enjoy.

We are the sole approved importer of Magic Spikers in the UK, all the genuine UK approved product has English language text only. Each box should have a barcode sticker with the model code eg. MSLBLK, correct size eg. 'Large Magic Spikers UK Size 6-10 and a statement that states "size may vary slightly dependent on shoe size and manufacture style".

The front of the UK approved box should have a circular red and yellow size label, but no printed mis-sized UK and/or European sizes on the front.

To ensure that you are protected by our NO QUIBBLE 12 month warranty, make sure you keep your receipt and the box.

The technology and specialist mixture of components cannot be copied so if you see a deal that is 'too good to be true' it very unlikely that you will be buying Genuine UK approved Magic Spikers.

If you are in any doubt send us an email using the contact form or ring our customer support on 01635 865515.