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Magic Spikers™

 with confidence.....

  • Value for money and takes up minimal space
  • Strong brand reputation, next day delivery
  • packaging graphics clearly sells the product
  • excellent impulse purchase
 The Market
The market for Magic Spiker™ has grown and diversified greatly over the last 7 years of trading. Originally a product sold to skiers and snowsport enthusiasts for use in snowsport resorts, they were quickly embraced by hikers, ramblers, dog walkers and runners. Ease of use and value for money being the key drivers.
In the last two years there has been an explosion in sales to 'non-traditional' retail sectors with some of our biggest customers emerging from Garden Centres and General Hardware stores. Last winter proved the success of Magic Spikers™ with them being the number one seller in many sectors coming up to Christmas.
 Product Evolution
With the increased diversity in the age/fitness spread of the customer segments we have increased the elasticity of them to make it easier to pull back and lift onto the heel. 

 Product Details
The presentation box picture ensures that the customer can see graphically the functionality and use for the Spikers and the product itself is condusive to simple sales assistant interaction with a potential customer. The Spikers themselves are made from rubber and processed stainless steel.
 Shoe & Boot Options
   Small*  Medium*  Large*  X-Large*
 UK  11-1
 2-6  6-10  10-14
 Euro  29-33  34-39  40-44  45-50
 *Sizes will vary slightly dependent on shoe style and manufacture
 Unit Quantities & Carton Size
Delivered in cartons of 40 pairs. Each individual pair is presented in a box sized 18.5cm x 18.5cm x 1.75cm with X-Large in a presentation box size 21cm x 21cm x2.3cm

Minimum order quantity is 40 pairs; this can be a mixture of sizes. The average sales ratio over the last winter was 27% Med, 51% Large and 21% XL. We have just reintroduced 'Small' after a 2 year gap due to demand, they sell in the region of 1 per 100 sold.
 Warranty & Returns
We offer an unconditional 12 month warranty on our Spikers against defects or damage, all the customer has to do is return the item to us with a copy of their purchase receipt and we will replace it free of charge. Over the last 7 years our return rate has been less than 0.001%. This helps tremendously in reducing any costs to you handling returned goods, allows us to monitor our excellent quality record and gives the customer the feeling of being well looked after.